Three chemistry faculty honored at 2020 CNS Professor Laureate lectures and teaching and mentoring awards ceremony

The College of Natural Sciences hosted the 2020 Professor Laureate lectures and teaching and mentoring awards ceremony over Zoom on December 3 this year.

Three individuals recognized during the event come from the Department of Chemistry: Garret Miyake and Joseph Zadrozny, honorees of teaching and mentoring awards, and Chuck Henry, named a Professor Laureate.

Associate Professor Garret Miyake: Faculty Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentoring award

Associate Professor Garret Miyake

“I was eager to learn Professor Miyake’s secret sauce from the nomination letters provided by his students,” said Simon Tavener, College of Natural Sciences executive associate dean for academics. “While there was no fixed recipe, ingredients appeared to include consistent individual attention, emphasis on a sound technical foundation in individual problem solving, and a strong focus on communication.”

During the virtual event, Tavener introduced each teaching and mentoring honoree.

“Most importantly, I want to thank all the awesome students, postdoctoral researchers, and particularly the graduate students that I’ve been so blessed to work with,” Miyake said.

Attributing his award to students, Miyake also gave a special thanks to his mentor Eugene Chen who was his advisor when he was a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry at CSU.

Assistant Professor Joseph Zadrozny: Early Career Faculty Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring award

Assistant Professor Joseph Zadrozny

[Zadrozny] is committed to implementing evidence-based teaching methods,” said Tavener. “He has introduced the molecule of the day concept to engage immediately students as they entered his classroom…he has also successfully mentored postdoctoral fellows; graduate and undergraduate students; and two high school students…providing a range of opportunities and paying keen attention to the individual goals and trajectories.”

Zadrozny attributed his award to his senior faculty mentors as well as his students.

“I look at teaching and mentoring as kind of a closed loop,” Zadrozny said. “As I teach them about inorganic chemistry, they teach me how to be a better instructor. As I mentor students on various aspects of their careers, they mentor me on how to be an effective mentor.”

Professor Chuck Henry: Professor Laureate

Professor Chuck Henry

This year, there were two Professor Laureates, which are selected based on a nomination process where each department is permitted to nominate one person each year. That one nomination is then presented to the college executive committee at a meeting where the group votes on the individuals.

Named a Professor Laureate, Henry presented a lecture focused on low-cost microfluidic sensors in the fight against COVID-19. As a Professor Laureate, Henry will hold his title for three years and will be awarded a stipend during each year of his term.

Additional Department of Chemistry nominations included Anna Allen and Harmony Tucker for the undergraduate category; Justin Sambur for the graduate category; and Jeff Bandar for the early career category.

Congratulations to all the honorees of the 2020 CNS Professor Laureate and teaching and mentoring awards!

  • Professor Laureates: Chuck Henry, Department of Chemistry and Jennifer Mueller, Department of Mathematics
  • Early Career Faculty Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring: Joseph Zadrozny, Department of Chemistry
  • Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and Mentoring: Joseph Gersch, Department of Computer Science and Jeffrey Hansen, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Faculty Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentoring: Jana Anderson, Department of Statistics and Garret Miyake, Department of Chemistry
  • Graduate Student Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring: Alex Fout, Department of Statistics; Ashlie Johnson, Department of Psychology; and Julie Prosser, Department of Psychology
  • Dean’s Recognition Award: Alicia Armentrout, Department of Physics; Korina Burn, College of Natural Sciences Dean’s Office; and Anne Manning, Strategic Communications and Public Relations.