In the College of Natural Sciences, we believe that science is shaped by the people who study it.

Our college is full of people dedicated to discovery, to equity, innovation, and community. Rams Shape Science is their platform to promote their stories, lift their voices, and spread their messages to the CSU community and beyond.

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Hortensia Soto portrait
“In the short time that I have known her, I have grown tremendously, both professionally and personally, from her friendship and continued guidance and support,” said Liz Arnold, an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics. “I know that Tensia will always be in my corner, rooting me on to achieve my dreams.”

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A high school student laughs at SK day

Department of Mathematics hosts second SK Day; supports young women in math

On March 31, high school students heard from notable women in math at CSU, participated in fun math activities, chatted with current female and genderqueer graduate students in math and toured parts of CSU’s campus.



Portrait of Sarah Hervey

Second generation teacher builds legacy of inclusion at CSU

Sarah Hervey, a second-generation professor, continues to leave a legacy at Colorado State University by creating a brand new course in the Department of Psychology.


Melissa Morado portrait

Biology graduate student promotes importance of self in lab

For Melissa (Mel) Morado, personal growth reflects in her scientific life, and scientific growth reflects in her personal life.


Greg Florant holding a marmot
“I hope that I’ve left the institution in a better position, as a better place than when I first came here. I’m hoping that I influenced the number of students and faculty members to carry on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work. I’m hoping that I set an example and high bar for people to continue to be good mentors, good researchers and good teachers, to all people and to all students.”

– Greg Florant, professor emeritus in the Department of Biology

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Priya Krakker holds a salamander as she does research on it.

Priya Krakker looks to expand the understanding of genetics

Priya Krakker, a biology student at Colorado State University, is learning, researching, and hoping to teach genetics.



Portrait of Josh Johnson

Veteran dove headfirst into experiences at CSU

Josh Johnson, a United States Air Force veteran who recently graduated from the Department of Psychology, sees opportunities and dives in headfirst. In every group Johnson joins, he stands out as an earnest, devoted leader.


Rasa Humeyumptewa

Rasa Humeyumptewa looks to improve Indigenous therapy

Humeyumptewa is a fourth-year student majoring in Clinical and Counseling Psychology with a minor in Indigenous Studies, in the Department of Ethnic Studies and is also an enrolled member of the Hopi Tribe sun clan, based in Arizona.


Hunter Ridgeway with a student in Little Shop of Physics
“Hunter is a passionate student with remarkably deep moral courage and an unwavering ethic of care … Hunter unapologetically speaks truth to power, demanding that science collectively recognizes the ways in which it has and continues to exist within certain social constructs, including gender binaries, among others.”

– Vincent Basile, co-director of the Race and Intersectionality Studies in the Education Equity Center in the School of Education

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Inflection Point poster

Inflection Point offers needed community support for math classes

Three CSU students of color developed a new peer-led math space, called Inflection Point, that hopes to improve student support through community and shared learning.



Alex Hopkins portrait

Alex Hopkins builds on community she found on campus

Alex Hopkins found community through the Native American Cultural Center and Academic Advancement Center when she started at CSU. By the time she graduated, Hopkins was a peer mentor in both centers, as well as an accomplished alumna.


Recent CSU grad hopes to make statistics more accessible to students

Okiefe Ogbe, a recent graduate from the Department of Statistics, hopes to use his experiences at Colorado State University to make higher education and the field of statistics more accessible to high school students.


Ernie with his wife Jessie.
“My legacy is people. The people who are out there doing the work.”

– Ernie Chavez, professor and former chair in the Department of Psychology

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Jeremy Alcazar portrait

Jeremy Alcazar sees the good in all kids

Jeremy Alcazar is passionate about mentoring active, energetic children who may be labeled as “challenging.” For him, this work is personal.



Noelle Mason

Biology student seeks to protect endangered species; make research accessible to a broad audience

Sophomore Colorado State University biology student Noelle Mason has a passion for the black-footed ferret, and she’s working to protect it – along with many other species – using advanced biotechnology.


Preston Dunton in the band

Preston Dunton: Science meets music

Ever wondered how music and STEM are interconnected? Preston Dunton thinks about that every time he takes out his drumsticks.



“Brandon is soulful. He puts his every effort into the task, person, group or community and does not stop.”

– Courtney Haag, senior in the Department of Social Work

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A group of students in CSU SACNAS

CSU-SACNAS working to create inclusive community in STEM

While SACNAS was initially meant to bring representation to a few minority groups, it has evolved to become inclusive of all minoritized groups in STEM.


Amanda Koch portrait

Koch has been at the forefront of policy since the 2016 elections. Despite the challenge of political activism, she recognized a need to bridge the political and scientific worlds, and she attempted to fill it.



Rachel Brenner

Rachel Brenner, professor in the Department of Psychology, is developing specific interventions that center mindfulness and self-compassion to reduce barriers to seeking mental health support and the impacts of LGBTQIA+ discrimination.



Ariana Mims portrait
“I want to make sure that everyone feels really comfortable and welcome no matter what their background is, making sure they know that this is a place that they can thrive and do well no matter what.”

– Ariana Mims, a senior in the Department of Computer Science

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