Memories, milestones celebrated at 2018 College of Natural Sciences Emeritus Breakfast

faculty emeritus breakfast group 2018

On March 29, the College of Natural Sciences held its 11th annual Emeritus Breakfast celebrating the accomplishments of faculty and staff past and present. The event, held at the Colorado State University Lory Student Center, was hosted by Dean Jan Nerger in appreciation of the contributions of all of the college’s retired faculty and staff.

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This year, the group celebrated the newest emeriti of the college: Jim Bieman (Department of Computer Science), Larry Bloom (Department of Psychology), Siu Au Lee (Department of Physics), Steve Robinson (Department of Physics) and A-Young Woody (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology).

The event also served as a chance to remember those members of the community who passed away in the last year: Paul Azari (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Howard Frisinger (Department of Mathematics), Harold Kaufman (Department of Physics), Dean Miller (Department of Psychology), Rodney Skogerboe (Department of Chemistry) and Dale Winder (Department of Physics).

Provost and Executive Vice President Rick Miranda provided updates on the growth and latest news of the University. And Professor Emeritus Charles Davidshofer, who is the current president for CSU’s Society of Senior Scholars, detailed the latest activities of that group.

faculty emeritus talking at the breakfast

Dean Nerger also highlighted the college’s bright future, welcoming the college’s newest faculty members: chemistry’s Jeff Bandar, Garret Miyake, Robert Paton and Joe Zadrozny; physics’ Hua Chen and Mike Mooney; and computer science’s Vinayak Prabhu. Attendees also learned more about the work of promising early-career faculty from each department as well as the college’s new interdisciplinary data science major, which will launch fall 2018.

Finally, the college expressed gratitude for the new funds named for inspiring faculty members that will help support transformative activities: The Marshall Fixman and Branka Ladanyi College Professorship in Chemistry, the James Bamburg and Laurie Minamide Undergraduate Research Fellowship, and the planned gift providing for the Thomas Sneider Undergraduate Research Excellence Fellowship.

To stay up to date on the latest emeritus information, visit the emeritus page on the college website.