Distinguished math professor Maria Chudnovsky to give public lecture Oct. 23

Renowned mathematician Maria Chudnovsky will give a lecture at CSUWorld-renowned mathematician Maria Chudnovsky, a MacArthur Fellow and professor at Princeton University, will give a free public lecture about her work on graph theory at Colorado State University this month.

The lecture, titled “Parties, Doughnuts, and Coloring,” will be hosted by CSU’s Department of Mathematics as part of its 2017 Arne Magnus Lecture Series. It will be held 4-5 p.m. on Oct. 23 in the TILT Building, Room 221.

Chudnovksy is famous for her work in the mathematics of connections and relations. The field has a variety of applications, including web traffic routing and linguistic studies. In her 2003 thesis, Chudnovsky contributed to proving the strong perfect graph theorem, a well-known mathematics problem. She went on to win a number of prestigious awards, including a Clay Research Fellowship from the Clay Mathematics Institute and the 2009 Delbert Ray Fulkerson Prize presented by the American Mathematical Society. In 2012, she was named a MacArthur “Genius” Fellow by the MacArthur Foundation.

Her lecture at CSU will introduce graph theory to a general audience, from its classical problems to current research. She will also give two technical lectures for faculty and graduate students on Oct. 24.

For more information, visit the mathematics department’s Arne Magnus Lecture Series website. The Arne Magnus Lectures are given annually in the Department of Mathematics in honor of Arne Magnus, a professor in the department for 25 years.