Dean Jan Nerger takes helm as Council of College of Arts and Sciences board president

Jan Nerger, dean of the Colorado State University College of Natural Sciences, is the newly elected president of the Council of College of Arts Sciences board of directors. Nerger was elected to a three-year term at the council’s annual business meeting, Nov. 14-17 in Chicago.

Jan Nerger
Jan Nerger, dean of the College of Natural Sciences

Founded in 1965, the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences provides professional development for college deans, creating opportunities to network and share best practices. The organization also serves as a forum for discussing issues in higher education and advocates for liberal learning. Its ultimate purpose is to sustain the arts and sciences as a leading influence in American higher education. The council further seeks to support programs, activities, and resources to improve the intellectual stature and public understanding of the disciplines of the arts and sciences.

Active in the organization for 15 years, Nerger was elected to its board of directors in 2014.

“I am proud to be named president of this organization,” Nerger said. “I’m excited to take this leadership role at a time when the organization can help shape national conversations and policy relevant to arts and sciences education.”

More than half of undergraduate instruction

Arts and sciences colleges represent more than half of the undergraduate instruction offered at their institutions, and many member colleges are responsible for a wide spectrum of master’s and doctoral degree programs. Council members, therefore, represent the largest component of American higher education in publicly and privately supported universities and colleges. The council is concerned with the problems, possibilities and interests of these institutions.

Currently, the membership includes 788 deans of colleges of arts and sciences (and an additional 1,080 associate and assistant deans) at 525 institutions in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, France, Greece, Kazakhstan, Kuwait and Qatar.