College of Natural Sciences celebrates accomplishments of faculty, staff

Dean Janice L. Nerger stands at a podium in front of black curtain
Dean Janice L. Nerger speaks at the College of Natural Sciences Emeritus Brunch, March 28, 2019

Colorado State University’s College of Natural Sciences recently recognized the accomplishments of faculty and staff over the past 50 years as part of its annual Emeritus Breakfast.

The 12th annual event on March 28 welcomed the newest emeriti of the college and recognized up-and-coming faculty in each department.

New emeriti of the college include Elliot Bernstein (Department of Chemistry), Paul Kennedy (Department of Mathematics), Kelly McArthur (Department of Mathematics) and James Peterson (Department of Computer Science).

The event also took a moment to remember those members of the community who passed away in the last year: Eileen Boardman and Addie Kano.

During the event, Dean Janice L. Nerger highlighted the college’s bright future and recognized new faculty and their research. She welcomed Soham Chanda (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Josh Keller (Department of Statistics), Vinayak Prabhu (Department of Computer Science), Kate Ross (Department of Physics), Kristen Ruegg (Department of Biology), Mark Shoemaker (Department of Mathematics), Michael Thomas (Department of Psychology) and Joe Zadrozny (Department of Chemistry).

The college also expressed gratitude for the new funds named for inspiring faculty members that will help support transformative activities:

  • The Kano-Kiewit Scholarship in Biochemistry, established by Addie Kano, who served Colorado State University through teaching, research, and administration for more than 43 years, this scholarship provides support to students enrolled in Biochemistry in the College of Natural Sciences at CSU.
  • The Paul and Rebecca Kennedy Scholarship, established by CSU Professor of Mathematics and University Distinguished Teaching Scholar Paul Kennedy and his wife Rebecca Kennedy. This scholarship provides undergraduate scholarships to benefit outstanding students majoring in mathematics at CSU.
  • Janice L. Nerger Undergraduate Scholarship in Natural Sciences, established by Donna and Glenn Boutilier (’74) in honor of Dean Nerger, whose commitment to research, learning, outreach, and teaching has facilitated tremendous growth and achievement for the college.

To stay up to date on the latest emeritus information, visit the emeritus page on the college website.