Chemistry professor, student scholars receive awards at 2019 undergraduate research showcase

Colorado State University’s Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity (CURC) event handed out eight awards to undergraduate students from the Department of Chemistry. In total, there were 508 undergraduate participants at the annual event, with 117 students receiving awards.

On top of the student awards, Debbie Crans, a professor from the chemistry department, received the Undergraduate Research Mentoring Award. This honor came after multiple students, including those who won CURC awards, listed Crans as a mentor or advisor on their projects. Unable to attend the awards ceremony, the large number of her students who were in attendance, accepted the award on Crans’ behalf.

High Honors Chemistry Students

  • Lee Brandenburg for“Effects of Schiff Base Vanadium (V) Coordination Complexes on Mycobacteria Growth Inhibition.” Faculty advisors/mentors were Jordan Koehn and Debbie Crans.
  • Molly Hartman for“A Novel Correlation Between 51V NMR Chemical Shift and Redox Potential of Various Substituted Vanadium (V) Catecholate Complexes.” Faculty advisors/mentors were Debbie Crans, Cheryle Beuning and Jordan Koehn.
  • Steven Marquez for “CASM (Cost-effective Arduino Scanning Microscope).” Faculty advisor/mentor was Justin Sambur.
  • Jose Rivera and Audrey Wolfgang for “Aspirin.” Faculty advisors/mentors were Debbie Crans and Cameron Van Cleave.
  • Julia Trowbridge for“Understanding How Chemical Substitution in Hybrid Perovskites Affects Photovoltaic Properties.” Faculty advisors/mentors were Eve Mozur and Jamie Neilson.

College Honors for Chemistry Students

  • Zixuan Feng,“Characterization of the Reactions that Polyoxovanadates Undergo with Components in Cell Culture Media: Determining the Activity of V14 and V15 Against the Growth of Tuberculosis Bacteria.” Co-presenters were Zeyad Arhouma and Xiaorong Li. Faculty advisors/mentors were Zeyad Arhouma, Xiaorong Li and Debbie Crans.
  • Luca Zocchi,“Kinetically Measuring Interpeptidic Cu(II0 Exchange from Cu(II) Peptide and Truncated Amyloid Beta Complexes.” Faculty advisors/mentors Cheryle Beuning and Debbie Crans.

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