Assistant Professor Sara Anne Tompkins hired as graduate coordinator

The Department of Psychology is pleased to announce the appointment of Assistant Professor Sara Anne Tompkins as the new graduate coordinator for the department.

Tompkins, who earned her Ph.D. in Psychology from Colorado State University in 2006, began this appointment in Fall Semester 2018, providing holistic advising and helping graduate students navigate their experience from admission to graduation. Throughout her first semester in this new role, Tompkins learned how much she enjoyed helping the department’s graduate students find success.

“I am passionate about working proactively with students and the department to serve as a point person and an information source for faculty, as well as helping our graduate students thrive,” Tompkins said. “Working in this role is an amazing opportunity!”

Tompkins helps students navigate aspects of graduate school from admission to graduation, including critical transitions, meeting graduate school requirements, and connecting with student campus resources. Tompkins also coordinates events within the psychology department, such as incoming graduate student orientations and networking events. Additionally, Tompkins serves as the primary liaison between the psychology department and Colorado State University’s Graduate School, Office of Admissions, and Office of International Programs.

The department’s graduate students are grateful for Tompkins’s support.

“Sara has a really unique and valuable position in the psychology department,” said Luke Saunders, a graduate student studying Applied Social Psychology. “She works as an academic advisor, confidante, and life coach (although the last two may not have been officially part of the job description).”

In addition to serving as the graduate coordinator, Tompkins continues to teach the History and Systems of Psychology course as well as other courses in the department.