Jean Chung, Ph.D. to join faculty in January 2019

Image of Jean Chung, Ph.D. Assistant Professor in ChemistryThe Department of Chemistry is excited to announce that Jean Chung, Ph.D. will be joining Colorado State University in January 2019 to continue her independent career as an Assistant Professor in Chemistry.

Jean Chung obtained B.S. at Indiana University Bloomington, then Ph.D. in chemistry at Stanford University under Professor Michael D. Fayer. For doctoral research, she studied ultrafast dynamics proteins with nonlinear infrared spectroscopy and how they are related to structure and function. Afterwards, Jean conducted postdoctoral research with Professor Jay T. Groves at University of California, Berkeley, where she investigated the interactions between signaling proteins and lipids on membranes.

At Colorado State, Jean’s research will focus on understanding physical principles of molecular interaction networks essential to life, particularly on membrane surfaces. To this end, her group will develop and apply quantitative biophysical methods such as single-molecule microscopy, time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy, and surface-selective nonlinear spectroscopy, and combine them with model membrane technologies. Ultimately, the research will advance our knowledge of cellular communications, and identify molecular interactions of clinical significances.

Welcome to CSU Jean!